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Shark Cartilage PowderShark Cartilage Powder

Shark Cartilage Powder

MCHA Calcium Powder
Fish Protein, Fish Collagen, Greenshell Mussel, & Oyster PowdersFish Protein, Fish Collagen, Greenshell Mussel, & Oyster Powders
Marine Nutraceuticals
Fruits & VegetablesFruits & Vegetables
Fruit / Vegetable Powder

About Bi-Pac Nutraceutical Inc.

Bi-Pac Nutraceutical Inc. produces natural chemical free nutritional supplement ingredients for the nutraceutical industry. New Zealand and Australia provide us with a continuous source of the highest quality raw materials that are both pure and certified BSE free. 

We have a unique manufacturing process which combines low heat, vacuum drying and cold milling techniques, thereby providing products of the highest purity and exceptional quality. Our process is chemical free and does not employ the use of enzymes and our unique process does not destroy the active ingredients. 

Quality control is maintained by a series of checks and samples taken throughout the manufacturing process. Products can be
manufactured to individual clients specifications. 

Bovine derived products are processed from pasture fed certified BSE free young Australian cattle. Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite contains calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, naturally occuring essential trace elements active amino acids and are low in heavy metals and lead. 

Shark from clean pure New Zealand waters, not on the endangered list, are freshly harvested for their meat. The endoskeleton which normally would be discarded, is quickly frozen. Using our unique manufacturing process a pure high quality product is produced. 

We maintain inventory of our natural, high purity, chemical free superior ingredients. Our warehouses are located in both New York, and Los Angeles. Please contact us for samples, certificates of analysis and pricing.

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