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Australia, New Zealand, & South America
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About Us

Bi-Pac Nutraceutical Inc produces natural, chemical free, non-irradiated nutritional supplement ingredients used in the vitamin, supplement and food products industry. We have provided our customers since 1995 with pure natural high quality ingredients from New Zealand, Australia and Colombia South America. We maintain inventory in California for distribution nationwide.

In New Zealand we manufacture Shark Cartilage Powder, Fish Bone Calcium Powder, Fish Protein Powder, Fish Collagen Powder, Greenshell Mussel Powder & Oil, and Oyster Powder. These unique ingredients from the pristine waters of New Zealand are used in bone and joint formulations.

In Australia we manufacture Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite (MCHA) from certified BSE Free young pasture fed cattle. Our product contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein and natural bone building growth factors known to support skeletal integrity, as well as active amino acids. MCHA calcium is used in many bone and joint formulations.

Colombia South America provides us with many Fruit, Super fruit and Vegetable powders naturally grown in the Andes mountain region. These unique powders are rich in nutrient content, and antioxidant value. Their distinct tastes and colors enable them to be used in creating energy drinks, supplements, and nutraceuticals.

Our unique manufacturing processes produce high quality products from natural sustainable sources. Quality control is maintained by checking samples during the manufacturing process, and by in house and independent laboratories.

Understanding the needs of our customers has built Bi-Pac Nutraceutical Inc. a reputation of reliability, trust and expertise in supplying unique raw materials for formulations to some of the leading vitamin and supplement companies worldwide.

Our knowledge staff will provide you with Samples, specification sheets, flow charts, MSDS and certificates of analysis, to help with your formulations.